I'm looking to build a list of reasons to agree or disagree... This is all I have so far: Please help!

Chicago has better public art than Denver (-2.5)

Best reasons to agree: +5

  1. Chicago has the cloud gate which a giant mirror type reflective culture that is sort of in the shape of a bean, but underneath it does weird mirror reflections... It lets you take cool pictures of yourself with the Chicago Sky line.
  2. Chicago has a frank gehry pavilion  right in the middle of down town.
  3. Chicago has a giant Picasso.
  4. Chicago has a river that goes through it.
  5. Chicago has more cool buildings, and more interesting architecture. 
  1. Denver has a blue bear that looks in a window for some reason.
  2. Denver has murals, but to be fair they are mostly commercial in nature, promoting the building they are painted in.

# of reasons to agree: +0
# of reasons to disagree: -1
# of reasons to agree with reasons to agree: +0
# of reasons to agree with reasons to disagree: -3/2 = -1.5
Total Idea Score: -2.5

Don't like the score? It is easy to change the score. Just post a reason to agree or disagree with the overall idea, or any of the reasons and the score will change.

Best webpages that agree: +
  1. This link shows all the public art in the Chicago loop. There are also links for public art in the Chicago southwest, near south side, south east side, and north side
  2. The Chicago Public Art Program's website. 

Images that agree:

This picture is typical of the murals that you see in down town Denver. It is OK, but doesn't really compare to the art you see in Chicago. Its fine that Denver couldn't afford a large Picasso sculture, but if you want to see famous, or renowned public art, you should go to Chicago, not Denver. 
They have similar cows in every big city that get painted for that city for some reaosn
Kind of a Mexican Gang flavored public art. 

There is a lot of dumb graffiti in Denver. 

Best reasons to agree: +

Background Context and Assumptions
Government shouldn't spend money on Public Art. 
Best reasons to agree: +5

  1. This is just taking money from the poor and middle class to support the interest of the Rich. 
  2. If people want art in their lives they can buy it themselves. When government subsidizes art they have to make choices. The people making these choices are experts who are trying to make decisions for the public. They invariably look down on the public, because in general the public is not interested in spending much money on original art. 

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