I'm looking to build a list of reasons to agree or disagree... This is all I have so far: Please help!
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You should post your kids old school work on line +2

  1. The internet has more room than the refrigerator
  2. Grandparents can't see your refrigerator, if they live thousands of miles away.
  3. You can usually assume other people will want to be treated the way you want to be treated. I wish my parents had access to scanners and the internet when I was little.
  4. Kids will want to see their work when they are older. If you house burns down, has water damage, or you loose things, or throw them away, the internet can back them up.
  5. Kids will need to get used to their efforts being evaluated by others including their teachers, their boss, and the public.
  1. Kids might think you are making fun of them, by posting their early work.
  2. You don't have the right to publish things, unless they give you permission. 
Belief Score: +5 -3 = +2

Soft: Echolocation, a piano, and a bat in a cave
Load: An elephant, a lion, and and avalanche

Self Portrait


James Laub, Mammal, Warm bloodid, A mammal has fur, warmblood and drinks milk

James, 2012. Their little mistakes are cute, because they remind us how much there is to learn, and reminds us when we were little, and trying to figure stuff out. If you look carefully you will notice the following: no "x" in the alphabet, includes "and" as a letter on the keyboard, as = us, momy = money, nise = nice. That's my son. And just so adults don't get too high and mighty, you might notice that the question omitted the word "give".

James, 2012: James: "She will make a thump!" I love breakfast! Today I had jeltin and cereal. The jeltin was shalbe flaber. The cerial had brownshager. on it. Do you like breakfast? Items in the above image: James sitting at our table. Megan climbing under the table. She will make a thump. A fly in our Kitchen. The ceiling fan, faucet, and cupboards.

James, 2012: "When I grow up I want to be a zoo keeper. I want to be a dophim chaner. I want to swim with dolphim. I want to look at Dolphim emery day. I will never choe my jod. I like dolphim. I want to make sher that the dolphim are helfy. And thay git lots of exersise. I want thme to be good. the end. James"

James, 2012, Dolphin are sort

James, 2012: "My fabrite animal is a humpback whales! It lives in the sea. It eats crill"