I'm looking to build a list of reasons to agree or disagree... This is all I have so far: Please help!

My kids enjoy visits from their grandparents

Images that agree:
    • Friday Morning Walk around the block. 
    • Grandma didn't get as many hugs last time. She is very happy this time 
    • Ali also likes her Grandpa. 
    • Phis is doing better staying in his stroller. Stupid camera strap. Phil's shoes were wet from yesterday at the duck pond so he went for his walk in in PJs and shoe-less.
    • Stupid phone strap
    • Me taking a picture of Philip pushing the weird slide thing. Holy cow that is a lot of gray hair.
    • Alison likes standing on my shoulders.
    • My parents taking a picture of the kids. Their camera rode the 30 minutes from the Brookfield Zoo to my house on top of my parents car.
    • Apple Sauce, PB-crackers, juice boxes, and Slurpee apple sauce
    • No one can sit at the table very long to eat.
    • At the 1st non-coastal dolphin show
    • Riding the zoo train
    • The largest bird that can fly
    • Wolf Ali
    • Wolf and Ali
    • Bison was very close to the fence. Alison was not afraid at all. James has seen too many wolfs get stomped by bison on Animal Planet.
    • Tatanka
    • Grandma on the Trampoline w/ the kids

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  1. We sure had a great time with your great kids and their parents!