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You should get a membership to The Chicago Field Museum +0

Reasons to agree: 4
  1. The Chicago Field Museum has Sue, the largest and most complete Tyrannosaurus skeleton currently known.
  2. A visit to a museum is not as educational as reading a book, but it is educational enough. 
    1. Not as educational as reading a book
      1. In order for something to be very educational something has to go into depth. Reading plaques in front of stuffed animals is not very in depth. 
    2. ... it is educational enough
      1. At a museum you get to brows a bunch of topic. I guess the goal is that you find something that is interesting, and then you can go somewhere else and learn more later.
  3. With no guided tour you can do whatever you want. You get out of it, like most life, what you put in. Perhaps instead of rushing from thing to thing, find a few things you are interested in and then really experience that thing. Perhaps bring a sketch pad and draw stuff.
  4. The Chicago Field Museum is a short walk from Northerly Island, which offers parking for a dollar an hour, so parking doesn't have to cost very much, if you can walk 3/4 to a 1.5 miles.
  1. The idea to have self guided tour through a museum was a bad one.
  2. The experience of visiting a museum feels so separate from normal life, that it often has no affect on normal life. 
  3. Museums need to make a specific call to action, with good arguments. What is the call to action? To become a biologist? To become a fossil hunter? Archaeological? Gemologist? Museums have a very broad charter but they should set very specific goals, shouldn't they? To facilitate research? Is that done better by looking at books, or visiting a museum. Often visiting a museum can become just walking around and looking at "curiosities". Which is fine enough, I guess. Does Khan Acadamy do more education than the field museum? 
  4. You may end up going only to have your kids tell you they are afraid to see the "mommies" (ie mummies) and the Animals, because they remind them of death and give them nightmares.
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# of reasons to disagree: -4
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Websites that agree:
  1. Laub Life: "Field Museum of Dreams"

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