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You can form emotional attachment to objects that transport you

My son's puddle Line
My son at the Bolingbrook High School Parking Lot
My dad giving my son a ride. My dad loves himself some 4-wheeler,
and knows Owyhee County like the back of his hand. 
James and I, 2006ish, on Meg K's bike
With some money that I was able to get from my job at Miner's RV, I bought my first car when I was 14. It was a 1986 ford escort, 2-door, hatch-back, with automatic seat-belts. I bought it from my dad for $500 dollar (photos of each car to follow later).

Bike in the snake-swamp at Camp
Morison in McCall
At Bogus basin above Boise. I'm the one on the right. 
After getting too many tickets, Al-State would no longer insure me. So I rode my bike to school a good portion of my Senior Year. Nothing says chick magnet like pulling up to school on a bicycle...
My bike with random water-colors and ink
My parents mailed my bike to me in Tennessee

Video of Ali and James ridding a bike we got from the Chipmans
James Chasing Finnley on his Tricycle 
I "walked" for 2 years, ever other week in Tennessee on my Mission, and put lots of miles on my Dr. Martins
My big wheel. Mine.
Big Wheel and Banana Seat Bike

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