I'm looking to build a list of reasons to agree or disagree... This is all I have so far: Please help!
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Bolingbrook has pretty good parks. -2

  1. There are a lot of Bolingbrook parks.
  2. Kids don't need anything special, but each neighborhood should have open places for kids to play soccer, baseball, or swing on a swing-set. Bolingbrook has that.
  1. Often Bolingbrook parks are occupied by thuggish territorial teenagers (reason to disagree: this happens everywhere, perhaps).
  2. Often Bolingbrook parks have small vandalization. 
  3. Bolingbrook doesn't have parking for hardly any of their parks... its mostly just street parking.
  4. Very few of Bolingbrook parks are connected with bike paths
# of reasons to agree: +2
# of reasons to disagree: -4
# of reasons to agree with reasons to agree: +0
# of reasons to agree with reasons to disagree: -0
Total Idea Score: -2

Century Park Bolingbrook, Illinois
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  • Parking: On the street
  • Safety:
    • Parking is an issue, as it gets very congested, and cars are trying to get through the area.
  • Facilities
    • Slides
    • Swings
    • Small Soccer Field

The kids playing at the park, while J was at Soccer Practice.
Great Expression. Poor lighting

Hidden Lakes
Hidden Lakes

Popular Park, Bolingbrook, IL
  • Parking: On the street
  • Safety?
    • My kid got his finger stuck in the slidey thing. 
  • Facilities
    • 2 slides
    • 2 Swings, 2 child swings
    • Voice tubes
    • Volleyball court (bring your own net)
  • Lots of toads / frogs in the evening