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Mawage is what bwings us together

Mom and Dad, at the St. George Utah Temple
My mom and her Parents on the left,
and my dad and his parents on the left
I was the ring boy for my sister's
Megan and I

My Dad recovered from a scary surgery

On the 4th of July, 2006, my dad, Marvin, was getting out of his RV. We were at my cousin's cabin in McCall Idaho. He twisted his ankle, getting out, and hit his head.

We were more concerned about his ankle, but should have been worried about his head, because he actually was knocked unconscious... we don't know how long he was out in the forest laying there, and I don't like the vision of him hobbling to the cabin…

Anyways he must have hurt his head. A few months later he started having cognitive problems. He was falling down mowing the lawn… he had just had eye surgery, and at first he thought he was having problems with his vision…he went to the emergency room when one morning he couldn't get out of bed…

My mom was really scared. Everyone. I think he went in on a Friday. The doctor was out, and so he had to wait till Monday to have the operation: a bi-lateral hemotosis, or something… basically it was to stop the bleeding… the blood was pooling up in his brain…

He had to go through therapy to learn to walk, and do everything again…

They had him doing mind exercises…

That was more than 6 years ago. From that time he has seen 2 more of my kids born, seen them at Christmas and for summer break, visited them here, and spoken to them almost every weekend.

I'm very grateful for modern medicine, and for my dad.

My parents are cool to visit me in Illinois

It is a 22 hour drive here. A long way to drive, but my parents have driven out here twice and flown out twice. They brought their trailer one time. Other times they slept on our pull-out couch.

Its not the Ritz Carlton, but we always love having them them visit.

September 2010 at the Chicago arboretum, when Both Mom and Dad came out after Philip was born.

September 2010 at the Chicago arboretum, when Both Mom and Dad came out after Philip was born.

2010 when my Mom came out by herself when Megan was on bed rest.

2009 Visit

2008 Visit

April 2008 in Lincoln Park with Chicago in the background

October 2005

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