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You should write the Life History of your Grandmothers Gwendolyn Higbee Matheson (Mom's Mom)

This is my mom's mom's life history. Also check out the ongoing projects for my dadmom, and and dad's mom

Typed by Michael Laub, from a photocopy of the original that Gwendolyn typed on a typewriter. Comments by me in parenthesis

Henry Gordon, Gwendolyn Higbee, And LaVane Matheson 

It must have been a sad day when I was born. I was the fifth child in less than nine years, and arthritis had made mother (Sarah Ann Jones) a cripple long before that December 5, 1891. She was bed-fast most of the time until she died early in 1895 (10th of March) when I was a little over 3 yrs. old. Five little children had to be parceled out with relatives, and it fell to my lot to live with Grandmother Higbee.

So you see I went to live in a large home that had already housed many children and where no more were to come. (click below to read more)