I'm looking to build a list of reasons to agree or disagree... This is all I have so far: Please help!


Our 1st Mission President: Bray, he finished up in  1996
Old Hickory, TN Co-workers: Christensen / Burt. Ross Brooks visiting us

Laubs are good dancers

No this is not sped up. The last few seconds are the best. James wasn't talking very well, but you can make out "Blitzkrieg Bop"
The last few seconds looks like she really got into the rythem. "All Apologies"
Mamma Mia

You should keep track, online what you did each week

Reasons to agree

  1. Writing things online, as apposed to just to yourself, will force you to project outwards, spell better, be more careful, etc.
  2. Even if no one will care, it is important to view your own life as important. Your life is the most important thing in the world to you. You only live once. The things you do, even if they are boring, are important. 
  3. If you put all your boring stuff on 1 post, and keep updating that post, you can keep from wasting reading it unless they go out looking for that boring post. 
  4. The act of forcing yourself to write, will help you realize what is going on. It will make you pay attention. And the unexamined life is not worth living. 
  1. Writing online will prevent you from being honest.
  2. It can be damaging to think your views are important, without doing the real work of ensuring that your views stand up to criticism, or without putting the effort to say things better than have been said before. You are wasting people's time unless you say something new or better. 

September 28th, 2012

Carried the boy up the stairs, bumping his head each step up the stairs and saying "oops" each time his head bumped the wall... stopped to scare him with swirley's, but he has no fear and laughs at me.

#3 wakes up when I put #1 down, but does not yell / scream / cry like he is often want to do.

Worked extra 15 hours or so this week. Stayed up till 1 AM.

June 19th
Ali caught toads at the park today. There were 2, and they kept peeing on her.

James hit his head and didn't cry until he saw blood. Then he freaked out.

The week of June 17th, 2012:
  • James scored another point yesterday in his soccer game. He has learned to set aside any regard for the safety of the goalie, and kicks it in if they drop it.
  • I got a VHS to computer adapter, and have backed up all my family videos in a 2nd format. 
  • I take the kids to the high school's hill. James takes his razer, and bike. He doesn't go to fast on his bike, and I didn't expect him to get going that fast on the scooter, but I look up and he is holing pretty fast... I tell him (shout at him) to slow down, which of course causes him to crash (sorry James). He got scrapes on his knees, and his hands. He was really tough, and cleaned his wounds himself (I didn't have to wrangler him down WWF style, like I usually do). When he scrubbed one of his knees, it had some blood, but it was mainly the road scid mark left on him, and he did not crayon all over the road...