I'm looking to build a list of reasons to agree or disagree... This is all I have so far: Please help!
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Hiking is a good pastime

Reasons to agree
  1. Hiking is good exercise. 
Images that agree:
    • Lick Creek Road, Above McCall Idaho. My daughter with a stick and a flower that she found along our trip. (Photo: My brother, 2012) My brother's daughter carried our daughter on her shoulder, let her hold a big toad that she caught (James wouldn't hold it), and showed my kids the "zit tree". J was fast and stayed with his cousins, and so I got to walk slowly with Alison.
    • My daughter and I on a rock (Photo: My brother, 2012)
    • This is a big tree. Or as my youngest would tell us on this day, perhaps 300 times: "Trees are big".
    • My daughter getting a ride from her cousin

Summer Vacation to visit the family can be hard but are important

Assertion #1: Summer Vacation to visit the family can be hard...
Reasons to agree:
  1. It is hard to travel with kids that are younger than 2.
    1. Young kids have separation anxiety.
    2. Young kids may have problems sleeping in new places. 
  2. Kids have a hard time getting out of and into routines. 
  3. Traveling is hard
    1. Traffic can be annoying
    2. Being in a car for long times is hard, especially for kids. It hurts my lower back.
  4. Our kids always get sick on vacation.
    1. 2012
      1. James through up on a mattress, and in bed two days before we left.
      2. Phil through up in bed.
      3. Megan was sick, and we got a late start. 
      4. I didn't get sick until Idaho, luckily. 
  5. 2-year-olds cry all the time.
Movies that agree:
  1. National Lampoons Vacation

Assertion #2: ... it is important to visit family.
Reasons to agree:
  1. It is good to try to spend time with their grandparents. Kids need as many positive relationships with safe adults as possible. Grandparents usually have love, interest, and motivation to help their children. Spending time with grandparents helps answer the question of "where did I come from", and "who am I". 
  2. Going on a family vacation can be disorienting because you get out of a routine  but some times it is important to get out of a routine, and look at your life differently. 
  3. When kids see their cousins they can see that people live lives 


I'm writing this from my parents place. As our family has grown in size, the economics of flying with more people has suffered. And so our 2012 Summer Vacation (AKA: Trips to see family in Idaho) started off with a 1,700 mile drive with 3 kids in a car.

Below is our adventure packed "travel laug" (get it Laub.. ? Oh never mind).

Day 1, Drove to Nebraska

We planned to leave on Friday and drive for 11 hours. However, on Wednesday (or Thursday?) Phil threw up in our Bed, and James threw up on his mattress (which got thrown away). Megan wasn't feeling good on and so we didn't leave till 2:30pm. We ended up driving 470 miles (8 hours) and making it to Omaha Nebraska. It turns out they had the Olympic swimming qualifications in Omaha, and some college sports, and so most all of the hotels were taken. The Days-In hotel was very musty. I didn't get to sleep until after 2pm...

Day 2, Drove to Utah

We arrived in Salt Lake at 1:30am, after waiting for 2 hours in Nebraska when the Highway patrol shut down the free way, while they life-flighted some people away from a 6 car pile up. There were very bad winds, very hard rains. Because of all the lightening strikes, the power was out at one of the gas stations we stopped at. Garmin told us to drive up a dirt road, but we ignored it, and got stuck in traffic for 2 hours.

2 hour traffic jam in Nebraska

James on his DS

Day 3, Drove to Nampa Idaho

We slept in @ Uncle Lewis' house. Visited with Megan's Uncle and brother, on the way to Idaho.

Day 4, Sick

I was sick and slept most of the day.
Went to fire works @ Granny Janie's.
J stayed the night at Amy's house

Day 5, Drove to McCall Idaho

Packed up again, and headed to McCall.
Stopped at the Cascade Water Park to watch the kayakers surfing.

Day 6, In the woods and on a lake of Northern Idaho
My daughter and youngest son saw deer on a hike with Grandma and Grandpa.
Went on a hike with my brother.
Went with my brother and their family to see the McCall fire works.
Spent time on the beach

A on the beach

Crashing A into J, as he tries to avoid her

Day 7, Still in the woods
My brother and the cousins left. Read. James was bored.

Day 8, Woods
Megan cleaned on the atomic scale. Ate at My Father's Place in McCall. Went to Ponderosa state Park. Saw a deer. Returned home.

Day 9, Drove to Nampa (again), time with Family Watched Men In Black 3 with my brother (thanks Amy for watching the kids).

Day10, Family Church.
Anita Kay, Greg, and Steve's family came over. Its great that the kids got to play with their cousins.

Day11, Family Megan's mom fixed breakfast.
Used quick-crete to fill in a sink hole in Granny Janny's yard, moved some rock, got stung by a wasp.
A quick wind storm knocked over Dad's crooked willow. We borrowed Bob Barton's chain saw to cut it up. It was probably about 1-1/2 feet across. Got stung by a 2nd wasp.
Visited with Megan's Aunt and Cousin from Texas.

Day12, Dad took the tree to the dump. Only cost $4.
J wanted to fly a kite, but there was no wind. Grandma said we should fly the kite behind grandpa's ATV. It worked great. James wanted to fly the kite on the way home, but it got stuck in a tree.

Day 14
We went to Megan's uncle, Richard Chadwick's funeral. He sounds like a great guy, father, and husband. I only met him a few times. Megan and I watched his kids one time at their home in Meridian, when all the kids were little.
Dinner with Megan, my Brother, and his wife.
Softball with his church softball team.

Day 15 Went to the Zoo Boise, which was not too bad coming from Chicago. It was a great day outside (the day before had been in the hundreds).
Went to the Morrison Knudsen Nature Center. Saw a whole bunch of stuffed animals, a living deer in the parking lot, sturgeon in the pond, small and large rainbow trout, and some sort of crane or egret.
ATV w/ James and Ali.

Day 16 Grandma and grandpa went to a grandaughter's singing performance
Megan took the kids to visit a cousin
I got packed, and updated this

Day 17
Flew back home

Steve and CoraLyn watched Philip while we took James and Alison to Yellowstone.

Steve was going to jump creek and took James and I with him.
Its cool taking James to some of the places that you went to when you were little.

July 2006. A 5 months old

Christmas 2004 soon after J was born (2 months old)