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You should try to convince your kids to not use drugs

Best reasons to agree: +5
  1. Drugs addiction will often kill you.
  2. Drugs addiction often causes people to live on the street. 
  3. Drugs will often cause you to steel from and lie to your family.
  4. Drugs will addict you. Addiction takes control of your life. It is bad to loose control of your life.
  5. In general most parents should tell their kids not to use drugs. Obviously there is a right and a wrong way to do it. You should wait until they are the right age, but not too long. If you are struggling with your kids, and they have no respect for you, perhaps you should find someone that they respect more. 
Best reasons to disagree: -5
  1. All kids will rebel to some degree against their parents. This is a natural process of finding yourself, and creating your own separate identity. By telling your kids not to use drugs this creates a situation when they will have a physiological or emotional reason to do the opposite.  
  2. Telling kids not to use drugs only peaks their interest. 
  3. Most kids are smart enough to figure out not to use drugs themselves.
  4. The schools will teach your kids what they need to know about drugs. They have training about these subjects. 
  5. You shouldn't just "try and convince them". You should do random drug tests if you have any suspicions. You need to ensure they have good friends. You need to do specific things to ensure they are not using drugs, especially the important long term things of developing long term relationships with them... 
  6. Kids use drugs for specific reasons: to fit in, and because they have psychological problems. If you keep them from having psychological problems or needing to be accepted by stupid people, they will naturally avoid drugs. 
# of reasons to agree: +4
# of reasons to disagree: -5
# of reasons to agree with reasons to agree: +0
# of reasons to agree with reasons to disagree: -0
Total Idea Score: -1

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Best books that agree: +
Best podcast that agree: +
    Best songs that agree: +
    1. Might as well be walking on the sun by Smash Mouth

    2. The Needle and the Damage Done by Neil Young

    3. Keep on Rocking in the Free World by Neil Young
    4. Hurt By Johny Cash
    Best webpages that agree: +
    Interest of those who agree: +
    1. Saving their kids from trauma. 
    Interest of those who disagree: -
    1. Being counter-intuitive. 
    Poems that agree: +


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