I'm looking to build a list of reasons to agree or disagree... This is all I have so far: Please help!
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Going to the zoo is worth your families time and money +0

Reasons to Agree: +3
  1. It is worth it to have animals be part of your life
  2. You should take your kids outside where they can walk around, see different people, and explore their surroundings. Kids get to see all different types of people at the zoo.
  3. You should teach your kids about Animals. Kids learn about Animals by going to the zoo. You can't learn to appreciate animals unless you see them. When kids learn about animals, they learn about biology which may result in medical interest. Medical interest can result in an interest in many different jobs, from pharmacy to being a doctor. Learning about animals also teaches about geography. At least it did for our kid, as he learned what animals lived where. 
Reasons to disagree: -2
  1. Usually people don't spend much time studying animals at the zoo. People tend to look at the animal, watch it for a few minutes, and move on... 
  2. Kids will learn more about animals by having a pet than going to a zoo. Letting your kids have a pet teaches your kids. Having a long time responsibility for an animal can teach you a lot. 
  3. Kids are taught that animal rights can be ignored when going to the zoo.

# of reasons to agree: +3
# of reasons to disagree: -3
# of reasons to agree with reasons to agree: +0
# of reasons to agree with reasons to disagree: -0
Total Idea Score: +0

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Videos that agree:

This movie supports the conclusion because it shows that:
1. Kids can have authentic experiences with animals at zoos.
Dolphin show

Daughter dancing

Youngest watching the giraffe. 
My oldest son doesn't know how to wear a hat...

Some zoos give animals lots of room

Jonamac apple farm is the perfict farm-tourism destination outside Chicago +4.5

Background, Context, and Assumptions

Jonamac apple farm is a farm-tourism destination outside Chicago. It is located at 19412 Shabbona Rd Malta, IL 60150. Their phone number is (815) 825-2158.

Best reasons to agree: +3
  1. Its good for kids to see farms. Kids should learn the science of producing food. It is good for all of us to try to produce food.
  2. Joanamac is is a good farm. 
    1. They have a: 
      1. petting zoo with mules, sheep, chickens, and a Lama
      2. apple picking, with a lot of different apple types
      3. pumpkin canon, 
      4. a big thing like a trampoline. 
      5. old-timy-machines
      6. slides
      7. Kids like to play in the corn silo. 
      8. they have an easy corn maze that kids can handle. They have a harder corn maze for adults.
      9. they have a place where you can buy food
      10. they have live music playing
      11. they often have farm equipment on display
  3. Joanamac is close to Chicago. It is 70 miles from Downtown Chicago, and less than that from the suburbs
    1. Link
Best reasons to disagree: -
  1. Jonamac should copy some of the educational stuff from the Lincoln Park Zoo farm display. Jonamac could team up with Illinois Universities to do farm-research or education. They could have signs for stuff. For instance they could say how much corn was a barrel (or bushel?) that day. They could tell you that the corn you let your kids play in won't be wasted because it will be fed to animals, or it was wasted. 
  2. Jonamac could have a place for kite flying. Chicago is almost always windy. They have a lot of open space, and there is usually a crowd. Seems like a good place for kite flying.
  3. Jonamac could be closer to the City. You pass an awful lot of farms on the way to Jonamac. You would think that any of these places could copy them, but get more traffic.
  4. Jonamac could team up with Amish type country knick-knack stuff, to give the whole farm experience. 
  5. They could have a real farmer's market at Jonamac. In the fall it gets enough traffic that they could probably sell more stuff than just apples, and fudge. 
# of reasons to agree: +3
# of reasons to disagree: -5
# of reasons to agree with reasons to agree: +11/2 = 6.5
# of reasons to agree with reasons to disagree: -0
Total Idea Score: +4.5
Best webpages that agree: +
  1. http://www.jonamacorchard.com/   Bias grade: poor
Best webpages that agree: -

    Chicago has better museums, cultural exhibits, and attractions than Denver

    Reasons to agree: +8
    1. The Illinois Train Museum in Union IL is a good place to take your kids. Denver doesn't have anything like that+3
    2. The Chicago Art Institute is a better Art Museum than the Denver Art Museum. +3
    3. The Chicago Shed Aquarium is better than any sort of ocean life exhibit in the Denver area.+3
    4. The Chicago Field Museum is better than the Denver Field Museum. +0
    5. Chicago has a good Science and Industry museum. Denver doesn't have anything like this. They have a natural science museum that compares to Chicago's Field Museum. 
    6. Chicago has a pretty cool planetarium. Denver doesn't have anything like that. 
    7. Chicago has way more square footage of museums than Denver. Depth and variety are good ways of measuring museums qualities. This is much easier to achieve with more square footage. 
    8. Chicago has a rich history with jazz music, with places that you can still go to. Denver doesn't have anything like that. 
    9. More important history and important things happened in Chicago than Denver. Its history is not as rich as Europe, or other places over seas, but it has a pretty good history.
    1. Denver has better Dinosaur exhibits than Chicago, even though Chicago has Sue (the most complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton) and other Dinosaurs. Much of Chicago's rocks from ancient times was scrapped away in the Ice Ages. 
    2. Chicago got red of their Elephants at their museum. If you really care about elephants, I guess the Denver zoo is better than the Brookfield and Lincoln zoos. 
    Websites that agree:
    1. Laub Life: Field Museum of Dreams
    # of reasons to agree: +4
    # of reasons to disagree: -
    # of reasons to agree with reasons to agree: +(+4+3+3)/2 =  +5
    # of reasons to agree with reasons to disagree: -0
    Total Idea Score: +9

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    Background Context and Assumptions
    The quality of Museums is an important way comparing cities.

    1. Going to museums is a good ways of learning stuff, and traveling the world without jet lag. 
    2. The quality of museums are a way of measuring the education, sophistication, and commitment to the arts. 
    3. The people that work at, cultivate, maintain, and visit the museums make each community better educated, and better integrated with the wold's communities. 

    Chicago has cool architecture +0

    Background, context, and assumptions:
    1. Cool architecture is functional, sustainable, and attractive.
    1. The Chicago Architectural Boat Tour is cool -2. It is hard for an Architectural boat tour to be cool, without cool architecture. 
    2. Chicago is where the skyscraper was invited. 
    • Reasons to agree: +2. 
    • Net total of reasons to agree minus reasons to disagree: -2
    • Total: 0
    My mom when she and my dad came to visit on a bridge in Millennium Park. 

    Background: Me at The Bean, from a 2006 Chicago boat tour, that McDonalds Restaurant Design group took as a team building experience. The image supports this belief because: The bean is cool architecture because it allows you to see yourself in the City. It allows you to reinterprit your surroundings.

    The bean

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    State Parks in Illinois are anticlimactic (compared to Idaho)

    Reasons to agree:
    1. Illinois doesn't have any mountains. Without mountains you don't have good rapids, sking, waterfalls, canyons, views, climbing, etc.
    2. Illinois doesn't have very many clean rivers or lakes.
    3. Millions of people go to visit Starved Rock State Park each year.

    Having come from Idaho, I can say that Idaho might be lacking in metropolitan attractions as much as Illinois lacks in scenic natural attractions.

    We have been to the Zoos, and Major Museums. Fine dinning isn't a big attraction with little kids, we don't go to plays, musicals, or any of that stuff. We often are looking for places to take the kids, let them look at some natural thing that's cool. In Illinois a 100 foot cliff over a river qualifies as a natural tourist attraction. According to their website, millions of people go to visit Starved Rock every year

    However there is nothing much better from the natural work to look at here, and so I guess this is all we have... So we have driven there twice: One week before Phil tried coming early, and once Memorial Day, 2012.

    Images that agree:

    Here are some photos from 2010. J was 5, and A was 2:
    The look out from the top of a 100' cliff that looks over a river
    Look hard James. This qualifies as a mountain view in this state
    Here are some photos from 2012:
    French "Canyon"
    The Lodge

    Back of the Lodge
    Coming down from the Lodge to the visiting center
    You can see "Starved Rock" in the back.
    We climbed to the top of it last week. The view is to scenic overlooks
    what Mt. Trashmore is to the Tetons. 
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    You should go to the Illinois Train Museum in Union IL +2

    Background: Before James loved animals, he loved trains. He spoke about them all the time. In particular was a train movie we got from the library that he must have watched 30 times.

    I ended up driving up their with James on day, and Megan stayed home.

    Best reasons to agree: +3
    1. Kids like trains. 
    2. The Illinois Train Museum has lots of trains. 
    3. Trains are cool. Trains are some of the biggest things that people will see move. Trains have changed a lot over time. Trains used to be very important to our county's development. Learning about trains will also allow you to learn a little about what our grand parent's lives were like.
    Best reasons to disagree: -1
    1. Union Illinois is 59 miles from Chicago. It would be cooler if it was a little bit closer. 
    # of reasons to agree: +3
    # of reasons to disagree: -1
    # of reasons to agree with reasons to agree: +0

    # of reasons to agree with reasons to disagree: -0
    Total Idea Score: +2

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    Best webpages that agree: +
    1. http://www.irm.org/ Biased score: 10/10
    Best webpages that agree: -

    This is my favorite picture, I think.
    He just looks so small compared to those giant trains.  
    This is in an area with no moving trains...
    Don't worry...
    I typically don't let my kids play on train tracks.
    A very big train
    Yes. I did let him climb the trains. 
    This train was used to cut through snow. 

    Images that agree:

    I hear steam engines are coming back

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    My parents are cool to visit me in Illinois

    It is a 22 hour drive here. A long way to drive, but my parents have driven out here twice and flown out twice. They brought their trailer one time. Other times they slept on our pull-out couch.

    Its not the Ritz Carlton, but we always love having them them visit.

    September 2010 at the Chicago arboretum, when Both Mom and Dad came out after Philip was born.

    September 2010 at the Chicago arboretum, when Both Mom and Dad came out after Philip was born.

    2010 when my Mom came out by herself when Megan was on bed rest.

    2009 Visit

    2008 Visit

    April 2008 in Lincoln Park with Chicago in the background

    October 2005

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    Chicago has good opportunities to watch sports

    Reasons to agree:
    1. Chicago has some of the oldest stadiums and teams around.
    2. Every does not always do the best in every sport, but no matter what sport you like Chicago usually has a competitive team, and you can always watch the other team, if Chicago sucks that year.
    3. I am a guy who has never paid for a ticket to a sporting event, but I have been to 3 or 4 socks games, 2 cubs games, 3 or 4 Bulls game. People often go for work outings. 
    4. When a sports team is bad, they will have cool gimmicks like bring your dog to the park game, that they used to do with the White Socks. These things can be fun.
    Images that agree: (click on image to see a larger version)

    We got tickets with a distributer to the 8th row.  When a guy on the 1st Row left, he gave us his tickets. $290, and $34 of tax!

    1st row at a Cubs game! Aug 31st 2010

    Yes we were like tourist and took pictures

    Gerardo and Mike C from McDonalds took me with them to a Sox game

    Cubs game with Joe

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    The Chicago Architectural Boat Tour is cool -2

    Background: I've been on 2 Chicago Architectural Boat tours. Once for work, and once with my parents.

    Reasons to agree:
    1. It is cool to take a tour of a city on a boat.
    2. The Chicago River goes through the heart of Chicago.
    Reasons to disagree:
    1. You can't get very close to buildings from a boat. 
    2. You can't take side roads on a boat. 
    3. You have to sit there on a boat, and can't go where you want. 
    4. The Dave Mathews band dumped sewage on people going on a Chicago Boat Tour
    Images that agree:
    From 2006, a work Trip. Trish's Orange hat, John's blue visor. The sears tower is the black tall building. The circle building on the right, has boats that dock on the bottom. 
    From 2006, a trip with my parents. James with his Grandma and Grandpa in the background. 

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    The Indiana Dunes are cool

    Reasons to agree:
    1. The waves at the Indiana Sand Dunes are fun to swim in and bob around in. It is almost like the ocean, but warmer than the Oregon coast. 
    Images that agree:

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    Background: Megan, James, Pricilla, Trever, and I Drove to the Indiana Dunes this week end. It was my first time in Indiana. Swiming was a lot of fun. It was like the ocean, except warmer and without the salt. The water was kind of brown near the shore, however I think it was just from the waves crashing into the dirt. This is a picture of James.

    James did not like the sand getting all over him, and it stuck to him extra well with a nice thick coat of sun-block. He rubbed his eyes and got the sand, and sun block in his eyes. However, he calmed down, and started to have fun. His favorite part was chasing the sea gulls, and playing in the water.