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Denver has good Public Transportation

Best reasons to agree: +3
  1. Denver has a good bike system, with bike lanes, and bikes you can borrow. +1-1=0
    1. Reasons to Agree +1
      1. This image is proof that Denver has a "borrow a bike system"
    2. Reasons to disagree:
      1. Every big city has public bike rentals, and the Denver ones are too expensive
  2. There is a lot of good low cost parking down town Denver, which is cool. 
  3. Denver has a good bus system +0
    1. Reasons to Agree
      1. The hybrid electric buses are cool.  
    2. Reasons to disagree
      1. The buses that let more than one person out at a time are cool.
      2. The Denver bus and train stops could easily be improved.
        1. Reasons to agree:
          1. Going to Denver buss stop is a free learn to smoke clinic. I'm surprised that they are not directly sponsored by Marlboro cigarettes.
          2. I have been riding the train for about a year. I have been checked for a train ticket 3 times. When you don't check for train tickets, you get a lot of homeless people riding the trains. For this to work as a reason to support the belief that the trains should be improved, you have to first assume that they should be improved for those who are not homeless, and that the trains should not be free. Lets assume that we believe the trains should be payed for by those people that ride them, and that there should not be exceptions for the homeless. Lets assume that we all agree that the homeless are a subgroup of the very poor that are too poor to keep it together even a little bit, because most anyone should be able to keep it together for enough to live on government assistance with a little bit of help, and all those people who have mental health problems so bad that they can't keep it that much together, should be assisted in a facility where there needs should be met, and they shouldn't be riding public transportation as a way to pass the time, unless they have somewhere important to go, between care facilities, but even then people should probably be supervising them. I have only seen people having to talk a crazy drunk and high person 3 times in the last 9 months of riding the train, but that is too many times. 
        2. Reasons to disagree:
          1. The convention center train stop is nice
            1. Reasons to agree: +1
              1. See the photos below, showing that the Convention Center train stop is pretty nice, has nice view, low ratio of homeless people, etc.

Best reasons to disagree: -
  1. The outdoor mall on 16th street seems like sort of a bad idea. You have to get off your bike when your bike lane crosses it. But that is only because their are a lot of pedestrians going the other way, which is a good thing. 
    1. Reasons to Disagree
      1. The lengths of 16th street mall are long enough that the buses are nice.
    2. Homeless people make the 16th street outdoor mall feel less safe.
      1. Outdoor malls in the suburbs, that are too far to walk to, are more resistant to the homeless. You have only two choices Denver: 1) Make a space welcoming to the homeless or 2) Make a space welcoming to Women and Children. You can't have it both ways. If you want to be welcoming to the homeless, you shouldn't do it in the middle of your city.
  2. Denver could be more accommodating of pedestrians and bicyclist. 
    1. Reasons to Agree
# of reasons to agree: +1
# of reasons to disagree: -2
# of reasons to agree with reasons to agree: +0
# of reasons to agree with reasons to disagree: -3/2=-1.5
Total Idea Score: +-2.5

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Best webpages that agree: +
  1.    Good info, but biased
  2.  Good info, less controlled
Interest of those who agree: +
  1. Promoting Denver, if they like it.
  2. Patting themselves on the back, if they work for RTD
Interest of those who disagree: -
  1. Criticizing Denver, if they don't like it.

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