I'm looking to build a list of reasons to agree or disagree... This is all I have so far: Please help!
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The National Parks are well ran and enjoyable -2

Best reasons to agree: +
  1. The government has to keep people from feeding bears, to prevent bears from becoming dependent on people. 
Best reasons to disagree: -
  1. There is no reason to have government owned gas stations within the park. 
  2. More buildings could be built within the state park in such a way that doesn't detract from the natural features  You could require the buildings be LEED certified, to appease the environmentalist. The could be designed so as not to interfere with wildlife. 
  3. The government should be more capitalistic with our state parks, in a smart way. When I say capitalism  you think Wal-Mart. Don't. Think Apple, Whole Food, Trader Joe, or Costco. We can combine the best of capitalism and scientific preservation of a wildlife.  Charging rich people to have a premium experience can fund wildlife preservation, and fund improvements that poor people can also experience. For instance, Indian Reservations that are not controlled by the federal government build glass bottom deck floors over the grand canyon. This does not hurt anything. Of course if too many people are driving on roads, than it might disrupt migration and stuff, but we can figure this stuff out...
# of reasons to agree: +1
# of reasons to disagree: -3
# of reasons to agree with reasons to agree: +0
# of reasons to agree with reasons to disagree: -0
Total Idea Score: +2
Yellowstone, 1978ish. Me getting pushed around Yellowstone 
like Royalty
Summer 2011. Wild Bison! James getting carried around like royalty. 
Old Faithful, Summer 2011. Sunsets really are better in the west, when
surrounded by wild elements. 
2011. A cool bike we saw in Yellowstone
2011. Megan and I will cruse the country on bikes like this

Background and Context:
I've been to Yellowstone a couple times as a kid, once with Just Megan, and now once with our 3 kids.

I really like seeing the wild life. I remember the bison surrounding our car when I was little, seeing Bald Eagles, Elk with Megan.

Megan also went to Yellowstone as a kid, but she wouldn't get out of the car because of the smell!

Images that agree:

My parents. Grotto Geyser.
My Mom. I think this is Old Faithful. 
My Mom. I think this is Old Faithful. 
You could get a lot closer to the geysers back then. 
You would see more wildlife in the olden days. 
My parents. 
My mom and I at Mesa Falls (near Yellowstone)
In Jr. High my parents took BJ Morris and I to Yellowstone. I remember buying these shorts at Fred Meyers. 
In Jr. High my parents took BJ Morris and I to Yellowstone. I think this is a place called Big Springs, where you can see a whole bunch of fish, and the water comes right out of a mountain... or this might be fishing bridge...
Those shorts were awsome. BJ had a max headroom shirt. 
The Yellowstone Canyon
My dad at Old Faithful

Visiting Washington, Oregon, and Northern California state parks can be a good vacation

Megan and I got married over a Christmas break, my sophomore year in college. There wasn't much time, and we didn't have much money, and so we didn't "go anywhere exotic" for our honeymoon.

Megan was a trooper, and said that our road trips that we took to Washington, Oregon, and the California coasts were our honey moons the next 2 summers were our honermoons.

We brought our tent, stayed in State Parks, and only got rained out once. 


  • went to Mt. Saint Helens. Did not pay for helicopter tour, 
  • went swimming in the Columbia river, 
  • rented a 2 person boat, 
  • lake canoed 
  • took a ferry to Victoria on British Columbia, 
  • walked in the red-woods, 
  • visited KC
  • stayed in a Casino in Reno
  • Spent a day in San Fransico
  • saw the worlds shortest river
  • walked down to crater lake 
  • made Megan cry driving down the world's curviest road

Driving through a tree
Megan making hash-browns on our Camp Stove.
This looks like the coast
One of the many places that waves ambushed us
At a Japanese garden in Seattle. We were able to visit KC