I'm looking to build a list of reasons to agree or disagree... This is all I have so far: Please help!

Poetry can be the best way to motivate yourself

Reasons to agree: +1
  1. People have spent time to put important life lessons into poetry, that are well said enough that they tell a story or hold a truth that is more powerful than just stating the belief as a summary, or cliffs notes version of the poetic statement. For instance to me the Palace by Rudyard Kipling tells me that when people look back on the wreck of your life, that they won't just see your permanent long lasting improvements that you made, but that they will also see what you tried to do, and that that can be good enough, perhaps. That idea is much better explained in his story / alagory / poem, printed below for your ease of use.
  2. Come Let Us Anew by Wesley should be motivating to most people
    1. Reasons to agree: +2
      1. Its nice to think that you can start again. 
      2. It may be depressing to think about how fast life is passing, but it is true, and so you need to deal with truths.
    2. Reasons to disagree: -3
      1. Its depressing to think about how fast live moves.
      2. You don't really get to start again. A year is a continuation of the previous year, and you don't start with a new situation. People often sing this at the new year, but they continue to live their old lives.
      3. Unfortunately some people have so much emotional need to validate their rejection of religion that they might not be able to apply anything from a poem that has a faithful perspective. 
  1. A well rounded person won't look for motivation just from poetry, but will try to have good health, excercize, friends, and family, and also try to have an inner life, and think deaply about things from time to time. Part of thinking about things can include seeking out and learning good poetry. But is is sort of wrong to say that poetry is the "best" way to motivate yourself. Sometimes anti-depressents, or exercize are the best way to motivate yourself. 
Palace by Rudyard Kipling

When I was a King and a Mason-a master proven and skilled-
I cleared me ground for a Palace such as a King should build.
I decreed and cut down to my levels, and presently, under the silt,
I came on the wreck of a Palace such as a King had built.
There was no worth in the fashion-there was no wit in the plan-
Hither and thither, aimless, the ruined footings ran-
Masonry, brute, mishandled; but carven on every stone: 
"After me cometh a Builder. Tell him I, too, have known."
Swift to my use in my trenches, where my well-planned ground-works grew, 
I tumbled his quoins and ashlars, and cut and reset them anew. 
Lime I milled of his marbles ; burned it, slacked it and spread; 
Taking and leaving at pleasure the gifts of the humble dead.
Yet I despised not nor gloried; yet as we wrenched them apart, 
I read in the razed foundations the heart of that builder’s heart. 
As though he had risen and pleaded, so did I understand 
The form of the dream he had followed in the face of the thing he had planned.

When I was King and a Mason-in the open noon of my pride,
They sent me a Word from the Darkness-They whispered and called me aside.
They said-"The end is forbidden." They said-"Thy use is fulfilled,
"And thy Palace shall stand as that other’s-the spoil of a King who shall build. "
I called my men from my trenches, my quarries, my wharves and my sheers. 
All I had wrought I abandoned to the faith of the faithless years. 
Only I cut on the timber-only I carved on the stone: 
"After me cometh a Builder. Tell him I, too, have known."

2. Come, Let Us Anew (Wesley)
Come, let us anew our journey pursue,
Roll round with the year,
And never stand still till the Master appear.
His adorable will let us gladly fulfill,
And our talents improve,
By the patience of hope and the labor of love,
By the patience of hope and the labor of love.

Our life as a dream, our time as a stream,
Glides swiftly away,
And the fugitive moment refuses to stay.
The arrow is flown, the moments are gone,
The Millennial year
Presses on to our view, and eternity’s here,
Presses on to our view, and eternity’s here.

O that each in the day of His coming may say,
“I have fought my way thro’—
I have finished the work Thou didst give me to do.”
O that each from his Lord may receive the glad word:
“Well and faithfully done;
Enter into my joy and sit down on my throne,”
“Enter into my joy and sit down on my throne.”

My Mom pointed out that she like this hymn. She felt her life had gone so fast, and liked the 2nd verse... the part about your life flying by like an arrow, a dream, or a river.

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