I'm looking to build a list of reasons to agree or disagree... This is all I have so far: Please help!

Chicago has a lot of stuff to do

Reasons to agree:
  1. Trips to the zoo are good for kids. Chicago has good zoos. 
  2. The Indiana Sand Dunes are cool, and close to Chicago
  3. Chicago has good opportunities to watch sports.
  4. Chicago has good museums
  5. People watching is entertaining around Chicago.
  6. Naperville Last Fling is Fun
Images that agree:
April 2005, with James on the train

Tony and Tina's Wedding, November 2006

2007 Highland games. Very HOT that day.

2008 at the Shedd Aquarium with the baby beluga. James' first animal.

When KC came to visit, I invited myself along for the trip to the city.
We ended up walking, with 3 kids, all the way from the train station, to Millenium Park, and to
The Hancock Tower. We walked back to Navy Pear and caught a water taxi to the train station.

2006 Nextfest

Tastes of Chicago
James on our death march from union station to the Hancock building

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