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The Indiana Dunes are cool

Reasons to agree:
  1. The waves at the Indiana Sand Dunes are fun to swim in and bob around in. It is almost like the ocean, but warmer than the Oregon coast. 
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Background: Megan, James, Pricilla, Trever, and I Drove to the Indiana Dunes this week end. It was my first time in Indiana. Swiming was a lot of fun. It was like the ocean, except warmer and without the salt. The water was kind of brown near the shore, however I think it was just from the waves crashing into the dirt. This is a picture of James.

James did not like the sand getting all over him, and it stuck to him extra well with a nice thick coat of sun-block. He rubbed his eyes and got the sand, and sun block in his eyes. However, he calmed down, and started to have fun. His favorite part was chasing the sea gulls, and playing in the water.

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