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Trips for work can be interesting

June 4, 2006 to Las Vegas Lightfair
From my window in Las Vegas

Our plane was supposed to leave at 6:05, but it left the ground at 10:15, leaving me stuck with Red Necks on there way to a pool tournament in Vegas for 7 and a half hours. They took up the plane and acted like it was theirs. They whistled at the stewards the first time she walked buy, and one of them used their camera-cell phone to take a picture up her skirt when she went buy with the cart. These guys were low-life’s. They had BO, BB (bad breath), long skanky hair, tattoos, and big ugly girl friends.

We watched King Kong before we even got in the air, and last Holliday (Queen Latifa) once we were no loner run-way-bound.

Cathy Ed and I get out of the airport almost 2:00 in the morning. I woke up at 6:30 with my tonsillitis hurting and I couldn't go back to sleep.


Lightfaire was pretty cool; however I wish I would have spent more time. I only had time to hang out at the big exhibits: Lithonia, Cooper, Square-D, GE, and a couple of others. Also I’m not a very sophisticated traveler. For instance, I cut my floor time short on Wednesday to check out on time when I could have had an extended check out.

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