I'm looking to build a list of reasons to agree or disagree... This is all I have so far: Please help!

Going to the zoo is worth your families time and money +0

Reasons to Agree: +3
  1. It is worth it to have animals be part of your life
  2. You should take your kids outside where they can walk around, see different people, and explore their surroundings. Kids get to see all different types of people at the zoo.
  3. You should teach your kids about Animals. Kids learn about Animals by going to the zoo. You can't learn to appreciate animals unless you see them. When kids learn about animals, they learn about biology which may result in medical interest. Medical interest can result in an interest in many different jobs, from pharmacy to being a doctor. Learning about animals also teaches about geography. At least it did for our kid, as he learned what animals lived where. 
Reasons to disagree: -2
  1. Usually people don't spend much time studying animals at the zoo. People tend to look at the animal, watch it for a few minutes, and move on... 
  2. Kids will learn more about animals by having a pet than going to a zoo. Letting your kids have a pet teaches your kids. Having a long time responsibility for an animal can teach you a lot. 
  3. Kids are taught that animal rights can be ignored when going to the zoo.

# of reasons to agree: +3
# of reasons to disagree: -3
# of reasons to agree with reasons to agree: +0
# of reasons to agree with reasons to disagree: -0
Total Idea Score: +0

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This movie supports the conclusion because it shows that:
1. Kids can have authentic experiences with animals at zoos.
Dolphin show

Daughter dancing

Youngest watching the giraffe. 
My oldest son doesn't know how to wear a hat...

Some zoos give animals lots of room

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