I'm looking to build a list of reasons to agree or disagree... This is all I have so far: Please help!

The Laubs have worn a not of good costumes

Mike has Been:
  1. 1978: Aquaman
  2. 3rd Grade: Pirage
  3. 1981: Cat
  4. 2007: Frankenstein
  5. 2006: Ostrich Rider
Megan Has been:
  1. 1997: French Maid 
James has Been
  1. Oatmeal Bear
  2. Train Conductor
  3. Scarecrow
  4. Killer Whale
  5. Safari Man
  6. Fire Figher
Ali Has Been
  1. Rainbow-tu-tu princess
  2. 2009: Princess
  3. Lion
Phil Has Been:
  1. Lion
  2. Oatmeal Bear

Alison around the house... Don't ask me. We got the goggles for her swimming lessons, but she wears them all time.
Me as some sort of Aquaman. 1978. My parents say I wore those all the time. Robertson's home in the background. 
That outfit has to be home made. Right?
Standing in front of Jessie Ln. Home
Me as a pirate. Hand made sward. 3rd Grade? 
Halloween as a cat, 1981ish. 
Why yes. I will be your Frankenstein. Sarah told me: "You would make a great Frankenstein" and helped dress me.
James-e-bear helping me on my lap-top
James at Church. Halloween 2005
Halloween 2008. James is a train Engineer.
Alison in the hand-me-down Oatmeal Teddy Bear outfit. 
2009 Alison
Alision, Me, and James. Halloween 2010. Alison  was a lion. I rode an
ostrich. James is a killer whale.
Original use of Oli the Ostrich, 2006
Halloween 2011.  Alison is a "Rainbow-tu-tu princess".  James is on Safari.  
Halloween 2011. They asked James to come dressed
as a scare-crow. 

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