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It was an honor to attend my parents 50th wedding anaversary

My parents, Marvin and Carlene had their 50th anniversary, and Megan and I went for our summer vacation. And I don't think we will go home for Christmas this year.

My sister came up from Vegas with Sebastian and Ed.

My Causin, Anita Kay, let family go up to her Cabin in McCall. My dad used to be camp counseloer right next to her cabin, and I also used to work there.

My brothers were just small, when my dad worked there, and so there are lots of memories for all of us in McCall.

They had a really great fire works show, and by tuesday night, James's pink eye was starting to do better, and he was less clingey.

James and I in a meadow I used to catch snakes at in McCall. This is a picture of James and I in a medow that I used to catch snakes in. It was amazing how many snakes you could find. It would take about 60 seconds walking on the old trees that had fallen down, and you would find one.

James and I on the docks in McCall. Here is a picture of James and I on the dock of the cabin. You can see my brother's kayak on the beach, and that the far dock is starting to sink.

We all had lots of fun, and caught up with family.