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You will have lots of funny things happen to you in life

Its a Yum-Yummy time for sweethearts?

Megan's Grandma had her family all put on a Christmas pageant of sorts. They would play a song on the piano, guitar, violin, or viola.

There is a song called "A Marshmallow World" about dating in the winter time. Megan had not been having a good time dating apparently, as she played the song in a minor key. Maybe you had to be there, but they were all commiserating with how terrible guys can be. 

I happen to stop in right as Megan was finishing up the song. And that was the first time much of Megan's family saw me.

4:00... Is that too early?

When discussing our prom-plan with Megan's Parents, I asked her dad, "Sir (Phil was a big intimidating guy), what time would you like to have her home?" He said, "I don't care". However, when he got a look from his wife, he asked, "Is 3 or 4 too early? Just call if your going to be later." 

Later Megan told us, "we could stay out all night, as long as you don't take me out of the country."

He was very very excited about our plans to go to the mountains and look at the pictographs. 

He was even more excited when he found out that we were going to do some target practice. He loved guns. I still remember the night. It was the first time I met her parents, and he was so excited about us going shooting that he wanted me to shoot some of his guns. He had a pistol and he even had a cut-off shotgun. I remember that we went right out in his front yard and shot at stuff in his ditch, while Megan, who was embarrassed, hid in the house.