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All my grandparents had passed away by the time I was born, except for my Dad's Dad. He was a Colonel in WWII, and retired working for the Utah State Highway Patrol.
My Mom's Mom typed up her life history, and I OCR'ed and fixed it up here. I'm also trying to get photos of her from family members. I would like to do that for all my "ancestors".

(Higbee history)
It has now been restored

The last Laub to live in Illinois. George Laub left this home in Nauvoo, Il

Below are some photos of my parents. Here  is a link to some more photos. 
Obviously, at the grand Canyon 
I'm the youngest of 5 kids. Photo taken in front of our home on Jessie Lane 


My dad has been a PE teacher in Glendora California, and Nampa Idaho. He also was the AD (athletic directer) in the Nampa School District. He still gives Driver's ED tests in Nampa!

My Dad helped build the home that I grew up in. He helped my brothers sisters and I learn to work hard.

Memories include:

  • Hearing him cuss once, when working in the downstairs bathroom
  • Picking up Megan and some friends late at night when we drove through a puddle that was too big.
  • Camping at Timpanogos Cave (add photo later... maybe a camping post)
  • Going to Germany to visit my Sister with him and my Mom
  • Riding around the Owyhee Mountains with him and Scottie and Martin Thorne
  • Meeting him at Central (6th Grade in Nampa) in his giant office and riding home with him. I used to go into his office sometimes 

My dad and Brother at an Outdoor Hotsprings
My Dad and his Twin Melvin at a Japanese military school
My mom ran a daycare and a Wedding Business (The Speciallty Shoppe) out of the home. She is involved in Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) and Daughters of the Utah Pioners (DUP). She also plays the piano in the nursery at Church.

  • My Mom was the youngest, but her Mother came to live with her, even though she still had small kids, and didn't have as much room in their house. My parents turned their garage into a room for her. 
  • My mom's sister LaVane had Parkinsons disease. She needed care for 15 or 20 years. My mom coordinated the in-home care for her sister for many years. When the care couldn't help, she would have to drive to Boise to take care of her. She hired, fired, and kept the schedule for all the help. Of course she loved her sister, but often love involves sacrifices, and my mom was always the one making them. I remember my mom crying one night that she wanted to spend with me... I think she wanted to go to my seminary graduation or something, but she needed to take care of her Sister. At her sister's funeral everyone went on-and-on about the help provided by people who were provided a salary, but my mother was not invited to speak or even mentioned. I think that is part of why she cried as we drove away from her her Sister's funeral. Of course there were many other times love was shown, and kindness given. I'm sure it was unintentional and there is much love, and in any multi-year relationship offenses are going to be given. I'm not sure if there was ever any resolution, and might have just been a miss-understanding. 
  • Never seeing her or my dad raise their voices at each other.
  • Her giving really great talks as relief society president. 
  • Her wanting to stop at all the historical markers along our trips. 
  • Her teaching me how to play the piano, which I have neglected much in my old age.
  • Her wanting to talk about ideas, music and poetry.
  • Her taking me out of school on my Birthday to go to the State Capitol and watch the proceedings.
  • Her letters every week to me on my mission
  • Her waking up every morning to cook and eat breakfast for me, even when I was in early morning seminary.
  • Her and my Dad throwing water on Derek and I
  • Mom was sad that should couldn't play the way she used to when she was young, but I remember her playing Rachmaninoff Op. 3 No. 2 In C Sharp Minor while I was growing up. I remember how fast her fingers would move. I did not make a video, but here is someone else playing it:
Mom at the grand Canyon... This is the only photo that I ever saw her with this hair.
Mom and brother 2 and 3
My mom and I at Jessie Lane Home
Megan and I
Megan and I knew each other in High school. She first caught my eye, when she played piano for my seminary class. We also worked together on seminary council. We even went to prom our senior year.

We went to school together for 1 semester, before I went to Tennessee on my mission. Megan and I wrote letters during my mission. Before I came home from my mission, Megan bumped into my dad, and he said with a big grin on his face, "Guess who's coming home in a couple of months!"

A year after I got home, I was at Megan's house. We were in her Mother's living room, and she was playing the piano. We had spent the week watching lots of movies, as "just friends." However I remember the moment perfectly as I sat and listened to her sing, thinking for the first time how neat it would be to marry this lovely woman.

Soon after that I was devising all sorts of schemes to hold Megan's hand. However I turned into a little wimpy baby... Luckely Megan felt sorry for me, and we have been together ever since!

In a late honey-moon Megan proved her camping, wave romping, sand trekking and Mike tolerating abilities! I think I'll keep her!

Megan graduated from BYU in English and from BSU with her Masters in Technical Communication. She really likes Jane Austin, Gerard Manly Hopkins, and many other authors. She is very smart, and enjoyable to talk to.

Megan has a wonderful sense of humor. (more later)

Megan runs her own blog, and so I don't want to say something or post a photo that she doesn't like, and so I will just give you the link to find out everything about her:
Child #1
(Not using names, because you might be some weirdo on the internet)

This is one of my favorite videos of 1. He was ridding around on his tricycle, chasing Finley, and laughing maniacal. I accidentally deleted the original video, so I hope this video doesn't get delted.      

Child #2

On her 1st Birthday, she got an Ally doll  that "looks and feels like
a real baby". We had to take her picture in the box. 

Child #3

Also see the following children related tags on this website:


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