I'm looking to build a list of reasons to agree or disagree... This is all I have so far: Please help!

About Me

My mom holding me for my 1st B-Day

Jr. High
  • Moonlight Chronicles by Dan Price
    • Somehow I got a simple catalog that came with Dan Price's  Moonlight Chronicles. This is the type of art that I have felt most moved by. 

On the way One time I went to the grocery store to, for some greasy chicken, right after a soccer game. So he was wearing his cleats when he noticed sparks coming from his shoes. He observed that the cleats caused sparks just from rubbing against the rocks. Myclob, being an engineer, was fascinated. He wondered how many sparks would come if he dragged his feet as he drove. He don't know if the police were just trying to be funny, but when he arrived at the apartment complex, four squad cars followed him in, with their lights and sirens blaring (it was a very small town, and he don't think the cops had much to do). Well the two story apartment complex cleared out with every one coming out on their balconies. He don't know exactly what he did wrong, but the police mentioned things like reckless driving, driving under the influence, and a whole lot of other stuff. Luckily He did not get a ticket, but his reputation was vastly improved in that apartment complex.
Back yard of home on South Powerline. Low attention to detail

After College
When I graduated in 2003, Megan was finishing her masters. The economy was pretty bad. Boise has a lot of power engineering, but the bad economy seemed to flood the market with more experienced engineers. Also the first company I went to, Apex Engineering, closed their doors.

Other people who graduated with me from BSU in electrical engineering could not find any electrical engineering jobs. One guy I knew kept his job as a delivery man for a music company.

Move to Illinois
Idaho does not have very many transients (bumbs). Mike had seen them when he was visiting Seattle, San Francisco, or New York when he visited in Jr. High. So he did not have very much experience with them. When in Downtown Chicago a bum handed him a postcard. This must happen all the time in Chicago. Myclob wanted a postcard of Chicago and so he just took it and kept walking. The bumb said something to Mike, but he couldn't figure out what he wanted until the people that he was with explained that he wanted a donation. Myclob didn't want the bumg to think he was trying to steal it. He wanted him to know that he was just confused. He just said the first thing that came to my mind: "I'm from Idaho... I don't really know what to do in these situations."

Exterior Links

  1. Reasons to agree and disagree with Me I am an expert, but it is very little interest to anyone.
  2. Reasons to agree and disagree Sort of generic
  3. A discussion forum that I created for all the people that are fascinated by my idea
  4. One of the 1st groups I created for this idea
  5. I figured people would get sucked into how great the content was, and then be converted to the format… This content has to do with Mitt Romney, and I have tried to use the reasons to agree and disagree

Favorites Books
  • David’s Sling by Marc Stiegler This book is a great example of what could happen if my reasons to agree and disagree websites works
  • Deschooling Society by Ivan Illich Great books. Tells you to not trust the school system
  • Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain Daydreamed much of my life wondering what I would do if I was brought to a primitive time, with my modern knowledge, and could help history.
  • I Robot by Isaac Asimov Way different than the movie
  • Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand Some people think that only hard core conservatives like this book. This book illustrates problems with socialism, but should also be read with Tale of Two Cities, that illustrates the problem of an aristocracy