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Sports have been pretty fun for the Michael Laub family

Background, context, and Assumptions
Executive Summary: So far James has done:
  • Soccer
    • 2 season in Chicago (Red Devils. 
    • 1 season in Denver
  • Tee-Ball
    • 1 season in Chicago (Pirates)
  • Basketball
    • I helped coach 2 intro to basketball courses
  • Rock Climbing
    • I took two climbing classes with James. 
  • Swimming
    • 2 or 3 learn to swim courses in Chicago
    • Classes with Mrs. Lori in Denver
  • Tennis
    • 1 short class in Denver
James being aggressive
He actually got a little bit of air!
I'm not sure what is going on here
James especially did well towards the end of the season, becoming pretty aggressive. 

2012 James Soccer
James told me that soccer is his favorite sport. Then rock climbing. Most of the other kids have played before (he is kind of old I guess to be starting) but he is having fun.

I think it moves faster. I'm helping out coach a little, and am thinking about coaching next year.

He plays his 2nd game this week end, and his grandparents may be able to see him.
James at the back of the line for one of his soccer drills. 
His Soccer photo turned out much better than his school photo 

2011 James Baseball
In the spring of 2011 James struggled, like a good portion of the kids, with paying attention to baseball. It is sort of a slow game if you have problems concentrating.

We bought one of those things you throw baseballs against and it bounces the balls back at you, and a hitting tee (I practiced directly with him off and on but I don't want to push it too much, I'm sort of lazy, and think practicing means more if it is self motivated).
James at bat. He bats both left and right handed. Weird. 
Crossing home plate
After the game the players give high-five to the kids, and let the kids run the bases. 
Getting James excited about baseball by taking him to a Chicago Kane County Cougars game. 

Cotton breathes, you see, it's much softer. Imagine playing games and your team is five degrees cooler than the other team. Don't you think that would be an advantage? They're cooler, they're more comfortable...they're happier - they're gonna play better.
Me with a questionable hitting stance. Coach pitch. 
I'm Right of Center. Front row. This was either Lincoln or Lakeview Park
As I remember I was a leading scorer on the freshman A-team, but did
not make the team my Sophemore year. Man that sucked. 
Wrastling. Both my brothers came 2nd in State,but won many other tournaments.
My brother Steve was cutting a lot of weight, and had nothing left when  he almost won the championship.
I was alright, but only wrestled in Elementry and Jr. High

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